With Heart and Star

How to use

Step 1. Closing the mold

Close the mold starting from one end, and continuing along it to the other end.

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Step 2. Placing the mold

Choose a small growing fruit and put the mold on it, so that the fruit completely remains into it. The mold has a little hole at each end, use a thread or a wire to fasten the mold to the plant. Adjust the length of the thread or wire so that the fruit is completely inside the mold.

Step 3. Growing the fruit

Once you reach this step, you just have to wait for the fruit to grow. Some fruits like cucumber grow very fast and takes only 5-6 days to fill the mold. Other fruits such as tomatoes will take a few weeks. Since the mold is transparent you can see every day as the fruit grows and fills the mold.

Step 4. Harvest

Once the fruit has taken the shape of the mold, you can already make your harvest. Remove the mold clamping and cut the stem of the fruit. Release the clouser of the mold. Slightly open it and take the fruit from one end of the mold.

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And now... enjoy your harvest

Your fruits and vegetables with heart and star shapes are ready to prepare great recipes.