With Heart and Star

What is it for

In what varieties of fruits and vegetables can it be used?

The innovative design of the molds allow you to shape medium size fruits like cucumbers, tomatoes, squashes, lemons, mandarin oranges and many other varieties.

The molds are reusable, so you can make extensive use of them over time.

Enjoy heart and star shaped fruits and vegetables with your family and friends.

Fruits and vegetables with star and heart will make you share unforgettable moments.

An original way to surprise your family and friends.

You can become the best chef with a good harvest of heart and star shaped vegetables. Surprise your partner, family and friends with unique and original recipes. Your dishes will be the star of a special day.

Kids will have fun while eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Recipes with heart and star are a funny way to make your kids eat fruits and vegetables. Hearts and stars will be your best friend for a full and varied food.

A funny way for near children to nature.

The illusion of growing heart and star shaped vegetables will make near your sons to nature and accompany you in your garden tasks.

Delicious and romantic evenings with your partner.

Prepare a special night and surprise your couple with a gift and a really different dinner. Personal and romantic dishes will touch your couple.